Здесь сравнивают разные автомобили - "за" и "против" конкретных моделей. Выбор автомобиля по ценовым критериям. Все, кто еще не определился - Вам сюда

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that Denver seemed to have recaptured the Mile High Magic of yesteryear. The repatched secondary did it’s best “No Fly Zone” impression with Joe Woods mixing and matching coverages enough to keep Patrick Mahomes off balance while Musgrave kept Keenum under control enough for the rookie running backs to take over the game.Then the wheels came off the wagon. It’s easy to overreact to what will go down as the most painful defeat Denver’s suffered in the last 3 seasons , but at the end of the day few if any picked the Broncos to beat Kansas City team that had set the world on fire 3 weeks into this season. If you’re a glass half full kind of fan, there’s plenty of reasons for optimism. The rookie class continues to impress time and again. Paradis, McGovern and Leary look solid in the middle and that Broncos D reached heights they didn’t seem capable of. On the other hand, Keenum looks like a bit of a pumpkin at the quarter mark. His heart and leadership do little to mask 6 interceptions and the kind of limiting game a smart coordinator would do well to manage. Musgrave failed to do just that against a Kansas City run defense that looked like wet paper towel. According to Football Outsiders stats, the Chiefs were allowing 8 yards off the left end of the line through 3 weeks, 5 and a half off the left tackle and 10.44 off right tackle. It showed, the Broncos backs were averaging 6.7 yards a carry. Yet they ran it 21 times while Keenum threw 33. Why? Denver Broncos: Case Keenum isn’t the answer at quarterback for Denver - Mile High ReportAs good as Chubb has been, Rosen has been the question eating at the back of my mind everytime I break down Keenum and the Broncos long term future. An elite pass rush can only get you so far in today’s NFL. You need a “guy.” Back before camp opened I did a long film review of Keenum’s tape over the years. I figured Keenum would be a similar player to Jake Plummer for the Broncos. High highs, low lows but an immediate answer at the quarterback position, even if he’s never a player that can carry a 5-win roster on his back to the postseason. He hasn’t been that, yet. My opinion, but it’s too early to throw Chad Kelly into the lineup. However, if the Broncos lose to the Jets and eventually fall to 2-4? It’s time to seriously consider it. New York has the look and feel of a must win if Denver is going to do anything close to contend this year. Get ready to see this play 1,000,000 times. Patrick Mahomes' amazing night includes left-handed passJoe Woods called a great game ‘til he went back to his binky here. Cover 1 on 2nd and long. Chiefs at Broncos: Denver finds a new way to shoot self in foot in heartbreaking loss - Mile High ReportIf you’re a masochist or somehow missed the game, MHR's own Tim Lynch gives a great summary of the fourth quarter here. 5 winners, 6 losers in Denver Broncos loss to the Kansas City Chiefs - Mile High Report6th winner right here....and the unsung losers in black and white. Again.Missed delay-of-game call costs Broncos in lossIf it’s any consolation, Mitchell Schwartz had a heck of a game for Kansas City Geoff. Denver Broncos say referees acknowledged key missed play-clock call in lossJared Veldheer injury: Broncos RT ruled out with knee injury - Mile High ReportTurner played decent considering Dee Ford aggravated his groin injury, but worth monitoring Veldheer's status going forward. Denver will need him against a good Jets defense.Patrick Mahomes sparks Chiefs comeback in win over BroncosThis won’t make you feel better Broncos country, but Mahomes looks like the kind of generational talent that will last a long time in a league that throws flags when someone sneezes on the quarterback.This one will make you feel better: Royce Freeman is every bit as good as he looked when I watched his Oregon tape. He’s a special player. 5 things we learned from Denver Broncos loss to the Kansas City Chiefs - Mile High ReportI’ll be talking more about a lot of these things tomorrow for GIF Horse. On to the rest of the West. Another slow start, but Chargers find their 'juice' from Rivers-Gordon combo - NFL Nation- ESPNNFL Week 4 recap: The 10 best and 5 worst moments from Sunday - SBNation.comCan’t say I disagree.